The Selfie Hub

The Selfie Hub

Turn selfies into memories with the Selfie Hub from PictureBook PartyBooths.

The Selfie Hub is the modern-day alternative to placing disposable cameras on tables.  It’s a fancy piece of technology that allows guests to snap and upload photos from their phones directly onto a slideshow on a 50” screen for all to see.  It also places every picture on to a USB memory stick for you to take away. Let’s face it, everyone has a camera phone these days, so why have only one photographer when you can have tons, all capturing informal snapshots of your special day for you to keep.It doesn’t stop there, your guests can even upload photos from the engagement party, stag or hen do, or just some of their favourite shots of you and send a text which appears instantly on screen as a written message on note paper!

What’s even more impressive is that the Selfie Hub doesn’t need any fancy apps or WIFI, in fact your guests can be anywhere in the venue and they don’t even need signal on their phones for it to work.  Tepee wedding in a field?No problem, the Selfie Hub creates its own network which your guests simply connect to and the rest is up to them to snap away.

Instant prints are also another fab optional extra so your guests can take away little customised 6” by 4” print which is issued from a rustic flower crate. A stunning bespoke  guestbook is also included if you choose one of our print packages so you will have a lovely keepsake at the end of the day, full of candid photos and messages.

Imagine a collection of photos from the day that your professional photographer can’t possibly capture, perhaps a bit of dodgy dad dancing or one of your younger guests getting up to mischief.

Your Photo Booth Prints Customised for Your Event

Even though your guests take their own pictures using their own camera phones, our Selfie Hub customises every photograph with artwork including the date and your special event’s name. It even brands corporate event prints with your event artwork or company logo. Every time your guests look at their photos, they’ll see and remember the fun they had at your event!

Postcards – Not Passport Strips

Our Selfie Hub turns everyone’s selfies into 6″ x 4″ postcards and they’re all printed within seconds!

Social Media Sharing

Along with your Guest Book (Print Package Only) and Picture Disc, your nights rental also includes a Facebook album where all of your guests can view their photos, branded with your event within 24 hours. Your event will quickly become a viral “talk factor” on Social Media.